Parent Advisory Board

The Spring Branch Girls Choir is an organization sponsored by the Spring Branch School District and operated by the Parent Advisory Board.  The Parent Advisory Board meets with the choir directors approximately four (4) times a year, at a mutually agreed upon time.  The choir director’s duties are to direct the choir, choose repertoire, plan programs, train the girls’ voices, and act as a liaison between the district and the choir.  It is the duty of the parent Advisory Board to do the following:

  • Coordinate the uniforms for the concerts and arrange for their collection and cleaning at the end of the year
  • Arrange for performances
  • Handle the publicity
  • Keep an accurate history
  • Plan parties for the girls
  • Facilitate fund raising
  • Number, distribute, and collect music
  • Keep an accurate record of income and expenses
  • Facilitate trips

It takes the help of all the parents in order for the choir to run smoothly and be fun for our girls.