Parents! You should have received two sets of forms yesterday.

Concert: You should have received a form for Moody Gardens for May 14th, 2016.

Chorale/Chamber: You should have received a form for Pleasure Pier for May 21st, 2016.

All: Should have received a form for the Pizza Theater Charm.

If you did not receive any of these forms, you may down load them here:


moody gardens letter

Pleasure Pier letter

field trip form

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April 19th, 2016

There is no SBGC CHOIR today…please see for more details.

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Schedule From Here on Out…

Here is the schedule of rehearsals for the rest of the semester.


Tues 29th — 4:30-6:30 Regular Rehearsal – Terrace Elementary


Tues 5th — 4:30-6:30 Regular Rehearsal – Terrace Elementary
Tues 12th — 4:30-6:30 Regular Rehearsal – Terrace Elementary
Tues 19th — 4:30-6:30 Regular Rehearsal – Terrace Elementary
Tues 26th — 4:30-6:30 Regular Rehearsal – Terrace Elementary


Monday 2nd — 4:30-6:30 Dress Rehearsal at Fairhaven United Methodist Church
Tuesday 3rd — 5:30-6:30 Dress Rehearsal (CAll) at Fairhaven UMC
Tuesday 3rd — 7:00 SPRING CONCERT at Fairhaven UMC

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Pizza Updates!

Pizza Theater is next week! Here is the schedule for next week.
Tuesday March 8th, 2016: Dress Rehearsal for ALL GIRLS! 4:30-6:30 at Spring Woods HIGH school
Wednesday March 9th, 2016: Dress Rehearsal for 8th graders, 7th graders, and all special acts! 4:30-6:30 SWHS
Thursday March 10th, 2016: PIZZA! Call at 5:00, Pizza for guests at 6:00, and Show starts at 7:00 at SWHS.
All girls will wear Blue SBGC shirt and Black pants, dark shoes, and hair tied back. NO LEGGINGS! No girls should wear leggings on stage as the lights will make these clothing items see-through. Girls wearing leggings will not be able to participate. If you have any concerns, have your daughter wear the pants at Tuesday’s Rehearsal.
CHAMBER (6th-8th graders) – Please have a black shirt that you can either wear over your blue shirt or can easily change into for Orinoco Flow.
If your daughter is in a special act, have her bring ALL props and costume items on Wednesday.
Thanks! As always, we are looking for volunteers. Please contact Nichole Hilgert.

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Updated Information

Hello Parents, Families, and Guardians!
Here is some updated information:

Special Acts and 7th graders: Rehearsal at Spring Oaks Middle School on February 25th. Come at the time on the sheet. See website for the sheet if lost.

8th graders: Rehearsal for Emcee Script starts today. 30 mins after rehearsal at Terrace. Next week we will film the 8th grade intro video. Please bring props and have your story ready to go…(who you are, where you are going, how you are going, what will happen…etc).

Everyone (Chamber, Chorale, and Concert): Tickets are going fast! Please bring forms back today.

Rehearsal Schedule from here on out…
February 16 – Regular Rehearsal
February 23 – Regular Rehearsal
March 1 – Regular Rehearsal
March 8th – Rehearsal at Spring Woods High School 4:30-6:30
March 9th – Special Acts, 8th graders, 7th graders Rehearsal 4:30-6:30
March 10th (SHOW)- 5:00 Call (All girls arrive)
– 6:00 Pizza served (to audience)
– 7:00 Show Starts.

From our President: We need some more volunteers to sign up and help with Pizza Theater Prep. If you are interested, please contact Nichole Hilgert at and we will be forever grateful!

SBGC Directors

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Rehearsal Tracks

CHORALE rehearsal track

CHAMBER rehearsal track

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Rehearsal & Pick-Up Info


We are so glad you are able to come to Terrace Elementary for your weekly rehearsals. Because our campus was designed as an open concept school, we do have some requests when it comes to using the facilities. All choirs can enter through the gate near the parent drive and/or the doors to the cafeteria. Restrooms are located outside of the music room area and just off of the doors to the cafeteria. We ask all girls and families to respect this request and stay outside of the teacher’s lounge and main instructional areas. Please do your best to be seated with music and pencil in hand by 4:30pm each Tuesday. Please pick your daughter up in the assigned areas so that the directors can monitor dismissal. For your safety, NO ONE should be picked up at the front of the school.

Contact & Pick-Up

CONCERT CHOIR DIRECTOR: Ms. Aldrup, Accomp.: Ms. Cha, 4:30-6:00pm; Pick-up in cafeteria or bus circle.
CHORALE DIRECTORS: Mr. Murillo, Accomp.: Mrs. Luthy 4:30-6:00pm; Pick-up in the library or parent drive.
CHAMBER SINGERS DIRECTOR: Ms. Snelling, Accomp.: Mrs. Luthy 4:30-6:00pm; Pick-up in the front music room or parent drive.

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