Uniform Inspection Checklist

November 18th

All girls will wear their dress uniform for the entire rehearsal. Here’s what they need to have:

  • BLOUSE-White, long sleeved blouse with a Peter Pan collar purchased directly from SBGC
  • SKIRT-navy, rented from SBGC
  • HOSIERY-Flesh, colored-no knee highs, knee socks or anklets
  • SHOES-dark dress shoes, such as flats and low heel (no lace ups or sandals)
  • HAIR-should be away from eyes and face. SOLID navy hair bows or headbands. Headbands can also be the color of the singer’s hair
  • JEWELRY-can be post/non dangling earrings, watches, and rings

Chorale and Chamber Singers will be provided with a cummerbund and bow tie; Concert will be provided with a bow tie.

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NO Rehearsal Nov. 25th

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Mandatory Rehearsal

Mandatory (2 hr) dress rehearsal on December 2nd (4:30-6:30) at Memorial Drive UMC. No uniform required.

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We are asking all families to get involved to help us reach our goal. The more you sell the more you help our organization.

  • No Door-to-door sales allowed.
  • Parents please help sell to co-workers, family and friends.
  • We will be selling: $1.00 Bar Variety Packs AND $2.00 Continental Almonds.
  • Sale ends & money DUE: November 4, 2014.
  • The funds from the chocolate sale will help fund our Spring trip! Each singer will get credit for the chocolate they sell.
  • Please return your signed PERMISSION FORM.
  • After receiving your signed permission form, chocolate will be distributed on November 11th.

Nichole Hilgert, 713-419-0517 or nvhilgert@comcast.net

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Rehearsal & Pick-Up Info


We are so glad you are able to come to Terrace Elementary for your weekly rehearsals. Because our campus was designed as an open concept school, we do have some requests when it comes to using the facilities. All choirs can enter through the gate near the parent drive and/or the doors to the cafeteria. Restrooms are located outside of the music room area and just off of the doors to the cafeteria. We ask all girls and families to respect this request and stay outside of the teacher’s lounge and main instructional areas. Please do your best to be seated with music and pencil in hand by 4:30pm each Tuesday. Please pick your daughter up in the assigned areas so that the directors can monitor dismissal. For your safety, NO ONE should be picked up at the front of the school.

Contact & Pick-Up

CONCERT CHOIR DIRECTOR: Ms. Kyle, Accomp.: Mrs. Willson, 4:30-6:00pm; Pick-up in cafeteria or bus circle.
CHORALE DIRECTORS: Mr. Murillo, Accomp.: Mrs. Luthy 4:30-6:00pm; Pick-up in the library or parent drive.
CHAMBER SINGERS DIRECTOR: Ms. Snelling, Accomp.: Mrs. Luthy 4:30-6:00pm; Pick-up in the front music room or parent drive.

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